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Allan Gray: High School Game Competition Ends In


Who can play?

The competition

High School students from: South Africa, Eswatini, Botswana & Namibia

The game

Anyone who wants to play for fun!

Primary school learners & teachers, keep an eye out for Allan Gray: Primary Champions coming in 2025!

Why Participate?

Sounds awesome! How do I get started?

To start playing and competing, you must register a profile on our Gaming Hub.

The AGEC Movement

Allan Gray: High School Game

Competition: April - July

Allan Gray: Primary Champions Game

Coming in 2025!

Mini Business Challenges

Every 2 Months

Business Pitch Challenge

July - August

Allan Gray Business Club

Coming in 2025!

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Allan Gray: Primary Champions is coming soon!

A game that means BUSINESS. Introducing primary school children to basic business concepts and building their young business minds through play.

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